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BITCH-O-NITE is located in the Bitchy galaxy. It installed cameras on Earth's moon to capture the life and people of Mainvile in the State of Kentucky. The purpose was to produce a REALITY SHOW.
Tall, thin and beautiful females that are built exactly like Earth's women are BITCH-O-NITE's population. They loved the REALITY SHOW so much that every living creature was affected by Earth's reproductive life. The show increased sex waves in their atmosphere and bees, especially, started over producing royal jelly. BITCH-MEAN-ETTE, a gorgeous senator, gains weight and believes she needs a liposuction in Earth.
BITCH-MEAN-ETTE secretly travels to Miami and gets the liposuction she wanted. During her trip she met CARNINA, a skinny young woman from Mainvile. The story further develops when she secretly starts visiting the town and meets Mainvile's characters.
BITCH-O-NITE is a fictional, entertaining and exciting story like no other has ever been written.




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