The First Book America A.P.G. (Impreso)

$23.99 USD

Thanks to all the American tribe who made me write this the great patriotism for America and thanks to the people who believe in me and a special thanks to the people of kahola kojla for the history they been writing and to all my relatives to the entire world is possible a change of our history we as civilized creature today together respecting each other building the new world order and the academic rules to each continent The great Patriotism for America APG. will lead us to lead the world peace and happiness to al creature around us and make the mother natures the great history to survive. And to the millennium you are in the world stage today on your hands and the next generation is the future of science and technology for a better human beenthanks to all of you for your patriotism for America and for the free world the right to live. And not the rights to kill justice and peace will provide the better generation. than you to all.


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