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Why Can't I Go Outside, Grandpa? (Impreso)

Why Can't I Go Outside, Grandpa? (Impreso)

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Nahyr, who was very observant, felt it was strange to see only a few cars on the street, unlike before; plus, the people at the supermarket all walked quickly without stopping to talk to each other, and they all wore a mask on their face, just like he and his mother did.

"They look funny," he thought, "but I don't understand. What is this game about?"

Little Nahyr didn't understand why he couldn't go out to do all the things he enjoyed anymore: play with his friends, have fun with them at school and at the park, and camp out with his mother; therefore, in this tale, his loving grandfather turns to the classic genre of fables and, by means of a beautiful metaphor using animals, reconciles the child with what is happening in the world today: a pandemic that has condemned us to confinement and has limited our coexistence.

This timely and entertaining tale brings back the suggestive power of wise lesson-teaching fables using the natural and immediate empathy children have towards animals; it addresses the puzzling reality we are living in today from the viewpoint of a child who lives through it without understanding the new rules it has imposed. This provides parents, grandparents and teachers with a precious literary tool that allows them to aid the children in comprehending what is happening today within our planet, and how to deal with it cautiously, but above all, with empathy and solidarity.

The narration emphasizes that friendship, generosity, and service to our fellow beings currently require -more than ever- commitment and courage, such as the giraffes, the elephant, Park Ranger Caroline and Blacky the panther showed us in this story. It also teaches us the importance of not letting ourselves be led by appearances, and to respect all differences and diversity.

An entertaining text for teaching and educating.



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