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Guadalupe: Symbol of Evangelization (Impreso)

Guadalupe: Symbol of Evangelization (Impreso)

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The translator of this work is a fervent lover of the Guadalupe Event and had the privilege of knowing and living closely with the author of this masterpiece (in the original language: Spanish and Nahuatl), Reverend Mario Rojas Sánchez, national and international lecturer, Ambassador of the Guadalupe Event, to whom he had the undeserved pleasure of accompanying him on his bed of agony.
Rev. Mario Rojas Sánchez was an intellectual, learned and wise, in love with the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to whom he devoted his whole life to contemplating and deciphering the mysteries and signs immersed in the crude ayate, which from a scientific viewpoint, is the least appropriate material to paint an image, because its texture prevents any type of painting, whether of animal, vegetable or mineral origin, which at the time of the appearance were the only inks available
and which even with current techniques, trying to reproduce a similar image in another ayate of the same material, is humanly impossible, because the painting is dispersed capriciously, it spills and drips, so it does not curdle or fix; but in addition, the ayate material has a life span of approximately 30 years, term during which, it tears and loses its consistency; it is for this reason, that it has no logical and reasoned justification, by which the original ayate of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, continues to exist and remain in force, defying the laws of nature, thus things, is therefore, scientifically inexplicable.
The translator of this work dedicates his translation, first of all, to Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that through the language of Shakespeare, the Guadalupe event be spread, known, valued and contemplated; and secondly to the Rev. Mario Rojas Sánchez, with whom I have a bond and link of dearness, affection, spiritual guide and deep admiration. This work is also dedicated to my mother, who was a disciple of Rev. Mario Rojas Sánchez and whose Master's thesis in Mexican History was: "Life and Work of Rev. Mario Rojas Sánchez", and it is from my mother of whom I have received support, counsel, guidance, teaching and testimony of life, love and veneration, for Our Lady of Guadalupe.




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