My Journeys: Experiences on the Caminos of Santiago de Compostela and the Chicamocha Canyon (Impreso)

$26.00 USD

There are many paths that make up "The Camino de Santiago de Compostela". Each of them has its own charm and peculiarity. They also offer the pilgrim freedom, space, beauty, knowledge, adventure, and the opportunity to find oneself. Perhaps that is why the Camino traps us and we have to repeat it over and over again. The Chicamocha Canyon, like the Camino, has its unique charms and beauty. Every step one takes in the Canyon is a treat to our senses. But you have to be careful with this wonder of nature. Its spells could seduce us and stun the senses. After having traveled these roads, life changes and the world is seen from another perspective.


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