Probability of interruption And business impact: A mathematical approach to Business Continuity (Printed)

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Thinking outside the box is how new ideas, improvements and advances in business risk management occur. The same is true when translating knowledge of business risks to their potential impact on an organization’s ability to perform its key functions if risk events actually occur. It’s not uncommon when performing risk and business impact analyses to use subjective valuations, such as “low, medium or high” when computing the analysis results. Now it is possible to compute the risk and impact values using a well-researched set of mathematical formulas.
In his new book, Alejandro Aristizabal Correa delivers a new approach – truly outside the box – that provides a deeper understanding of the mathematical relationships of risks and business impacts. More importantly, the book not only provides the mathematical basis for his breakthrough theories, it also puts Alejandro’s vision into terms that can be easily understood and actioned by senior management and risk professionals alike.


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