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Steel & Spell: The Armageddon Herald (Impreso)

Steel & Spell: The Armageddon Herald (Impreso)

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When our world was about to be engulfed in chaos and destruction, the unsullied faith of two noble people made the impossible happen and reached the gods of creation. These divinities abandoned their almost eternal neutrality to reveal humans the truth of what life used to be like and save them from the evil that had grown in their hearts. Twelve noble kings and queens from the original magical creatures offered their bodies as vessels to receive the essence of the deities and fight along the race of men for the place that once was also their home.
The couple blessed with the gift of communion would become Prophets. Their animal partners, with the divine power of gods,
would be known as Heralds. With the return of wise animals, a new order was established where a pact of vegetarianism was imposed onto the planet. In order to guarantee this deal was respected, both kingdoms chose leaders who would ensure compliance to this norm. People would walk under the guidance of Prophets, who were capable of contacting deities and create Heralds with animals. For their part, beasts selected the most powerful and skillful among them to travel the globe spreading the new laws and punishing those who dared to defy them.
For the sake of continuity and consistency, the representatives of both sides had to be renewed regularly. Animals would follow their peculiar methods of competitions and natural meritocracy, while humanity would create a special ceremony to elect its guides. The Challenge of the Twelve Beasts was celebrated as the way to choose the man or woman who would facilitate cooperation between races and maintain the peace of this new world full of magic and wonders.
Upon him or her the title of Messiah would be bestowed.
Now, with the cycle of the zodiac about to end, a new Messiah will soon be crowned. A young soldier, with a power he does not completely comprehend, finds himself involved into this universe of prophecy and heraldry. He does not know yet, but the holy event will change his life abruptly when he realizes all the mysteries and dangers that lurk within the shadow veil that future holds for him.
Every new step he takes will bring unknown enemies, new allies, and ancient secrets of his own existence. The precious current peace that has been reached with so much effort is jeopardized by the arrival of some malignant entities and their sinister creator. Will this brave officer manage to save his brother, his family, his friends, and everything that he values while facing the truth of what he really is?




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