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The Journey That Made Me Whole (Paperback)

The Journey That Made Me Whole (Paperback)

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There are stories that captivate and engross the reader from the first line. This is one of those stories. This autobiographic novel tells the saga of the experiences of a woman that we must call “invulnerable”. Since she was born confronted adversity, abuse, harassment… She has survived situations of unfathomable danger. Whoever reads this novel, will cry, suffer and experience the extreme fear that the protagonist felt and suffered, and together with her, will experience the catharsis and the healing that comes with having touched bottom and said: “I cannot take it any longer…” Well, this woman did…, she faced life and continued growing. This story is a story of search, of overcoming adversity and of an indubitable growth towards wholeness. It is a story that shows the will and strength of a woman that still has a sweet and funny naivety about her; for that reason, she will make us laugh sometimes. Chapter by chapter she shows her growth process to reveal an extraordinary woman whose process is due to her faith, her work, and very definitely her audacity… Take Lorena D’LaTorre’s hand and take on this saga with her; you will be surprised by the strength, the prowess and valor of this woman.




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