The Sky Is The Limit: A revealing look at the experience of autism

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“The sky is the limit” is a little treasure. It’s not just a book on autism or on someone’s particular and extraordinary life experience, it’s also revealing and paradigmatic.

Revealing because it helps us as human beings to understand that an advanced society must be committed and inclusive; whatever our circumstance, we are all people and at the same time we are all unique.

Paradigmatic because I have never met anyone with such a determination to do her part in helping parents, families, therapists, and anyone willing to learn more about the way these children understand their particular world, which is our own as well.

Karla is a woman who has given her life great value; she is a fighter that turns obstacles into great opportunities to grow and to love; this makes “The sky is the limit” a book about love, perseverance, strength, energy, self-motivation, optimism… and, why not say it as well, it’s a Coaching book, a totally 21st-century book!”




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