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The Sweet Poison of Love

The Sweet Poison of Love

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While on the fourth floor the couples enjoyed all the variations and deviations never invented by man and inspired by the Devil
The trumpeter was still making love to his old silver trumpet, while directing the forty couples in a climatic harmony.
All inspired by the screams of pleasure that came from the old instrument; languid and powerful notes that filled all the great
nave of the old mine and made rumble the souls and bodies of all the participants.
Garcia made a gesture to jump in the direction of the well organized orgy, but both Alvarez and Simon made a gesture to stop
short " ...We have no bullets or handcuffs to neutralize all these people. The best we can do is wait for a good opportunity to
arise... ", Alvarez whispered in supplication.
The Sweet Poison of Love, the most recent creation of Guillermo Morell-Chardon explores the power of love as a remedy for the wounds of the mind, body and soul. Love is the weapon to defeat abuse, prejudice and ignorance.
Dr. Morell is a native of Puerto Rico. He lives in Houston, where he practices medicine, martial arts, Argentine tango and paso
doble with his wife of 33 years and two crazy German Shepards.



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