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The Two Widows and the Death Butterflies

The Two Widows and the Death Butterflies

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When I was writing this story, I gave myself the assignment to ask 50 people whether or not they believed that black butterflies were messengers of death. Out of those 50, 39 responded yes, and some
affirmed having had personal experiences with black butterflies.
Some would say that few minutes after having seen them, they had received news that a family member or somebody they knew had passed away. Others assured that it was the spirit of a family member that had come to visit them. Only 11 said that they did
not believe and had never heard anything regarding that.
Since ancient times, many cultures have had that belief that black butterflies are messengers of death. However there are also some countries where they believe they bring good luck. What do you believe? Are black butterflies messengers of death or not?
Or are you one of the people who believe that when they see one it announces good fortune.
Surely if a black butterfly has ever entered your home and shortly after you received news that close one had passed away, you probably believe it. But if more than once they've entered in your home, and nobody has ever passed away, then you probably don't believe in it.
In this story strange things happened to two women who widowed, and they were convinced that black butterflies were behind everything that happened to them. One of them almost ends up killed by stones thrown by a whole town; the other after becoming a widow decided to mourn for her whole life until she
died. In the end one of them survived being buried by a bunch of stones. The other one changed her mind and decided to take off her mourning dress, and both ended up getting married again.
If you want to know what they went through how is it that in the end they changed their minds and got married again, I invite you to read this exciting story full of mystery, suspense and action and... why not, a bit of humor as well.




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